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Links to Suppliers

Chemicals: Artcraft Chemicals
The best prices for all photography chemicals. And the owner, Mike Jacobson, is a great guy and always willing to go out of his way to accommodate special requests if at all possible. Kits of Amidol with our formula are available for printing on Azo. www.artcraftchemicals.com
Phone: weekdays 800-682-1730 between 5:30 and 7:30 PM ET or all day on weekends.

Chemicals: Photographer's Formulary
Kits of Amidol with our formula are available for printing on Azo. www.photoformulary.com
Phone: 800-922-5255

Mat Board and Mat Cutting: Lodima Archival Materials ( formerly Superior Archival Materials)
We have ArtCare mat board, the best mat board on the planet. It is the only board we will ever consider using. Read the article. The overmat cutting service is the best and is very reasonable.
610-847-6005 Eastern time

Camera and shutter repair and lens mounting: Camera Wiz
Frank Marshman takes care of all of our lenses and shutters. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Frank Marshman, 800-471-8133

Used Camera Equipment: Quality Camera
The best source for used cameras and lenses.
Jeff Wheeler 404-881-8700

Filters and Lens Shades: Harrison and Harrison
We just started using them recently. H & H will make up any filter in any size. They also have folding rubber lens shades and retaining rings, and they are a pleasure to deal with.
www.harrison-filters.com  (not up until 2003)

Tripods: Ries Camera Co.
We think Ries tripods are the best. Edward Weston used a Ries, so they must make great photographs.

Bellows: Camera Bellows
Ask for Tony Eaton. He'll make up any bellows you need. We just started using them and are more than pleased.
44-121-440-1695 in the United Kingdom

Nitrile Gloves: Best Manufacturing Co.
Nitrile gloves are impervious to hazardous chemicals, dry easily, and fit well with no slipping. Best Mfg. Co.is the manufacturer. They will refer you to a distributor in your area. www.bestglove.com

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