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Dear friends,

After many years of sending our annual newsletter by regular mail, we sent it last year to many, though not all, by email. We were pleasantly surprised when those who received our newsletter by email told us they preferred to receive it that way. So we have expanded the email list, and you may be receiving our newsletter by email for the first time. Sending it by email also saves precious resources. Please do not take this as an impersonal gesture, because we think specifically of you as we send this.

We hope you will be able to print out the newsletter to have a copy for your records, or to share with others who might be interested. We know that many of you will need the annual updates on print prices for your files.

We ask that you let us know if you have received this, so that we may be assured it was not caught up in your SPAM filter.

Please feel free to call, write, email, or visit our web site and we will always respond. We want to stay in touch with you.

Warm regards,

Michael and Paula

Dear friends,

Once again, here is our annual newsletter to bring you up to date on some of our activities in the world of photography in 2010 and those planned for 2011. Again, the addendum at the end lists prices and availability of our photographs, books, and portfolios.

Photographing in Iceland: We returned to Iceland for the third time in 2010—this time for an eight-week trip. Once again we shipped our old Land Rover (filled with all of our photographing supplies and equipment, camping gear and clothing), in which we lived and worked out of, and our normal SUV for our two assistants. We photographed in places we had visited before and also went to a number of new places. At this point, although we have not been to some places in the deep interior, we know Iceland pretty well and are ready to start working on our Iceland books.

In addition to our

As many of you know, we photographed in Iceland in 2004 and 2006 on two seven-week trips. Although we each have ample photographs for publishing books of this work, we liked being in Iceland so much that we wanted to return for one more trip before making those books. Each year something has come up to preclude returning—until this year! We are going back to Iceland, this time for an eight-week trip in 2010. We have already booked space on the container ship that will transport our two vehicles: one vehicle for our assistants, and the Land Rover, filled with all of our photographing supplies and equipment, camping gear and clothing.

Paula will again be doing as much video filming as 8x10 camera still photography, and Michael will photograph with his 8 x 20-inch camera in black and white and 8 x 10 camera in color.

Once again, we will be conducting a workshop in Iceland. There are still a few spaces available. If you are interested, we hope you won't want to miss this special trip. See details on page 4.

Other: Michael entered one of his portraits from his series INMATES at Sheriff Joe's Maricopa County 4th Avenue Jail in the "Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2009" at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. There were close to 4,000 entries in all media. His portrait was selected as one of fifty finalists that are on display at the National Portrait Gallery from October 2009 through September 6, 2010. There is also a small catalogue for the exhibition.


An exhibition of our Tuscany photographs is scheduled at the Naples Art Museum in Naples, Florida, for April 9 –June 30, 2011, and we expect the exhibition to travel to other museums.

In Paris at the charming Italian restaurant, Olio Pane Vino, at 44, rue Coquillière (in the First Arrondissement) is a long-running exhibition of our photographs from Tuscany. Francesco Bertuna, owner of the restaurant, is both an art lover and a great chef. We warmly recommend the restaurant for its excellent food. If you can make it to Olio Pane Vino, tell Francesco that we sent you. You will love meeting him.

And at what promises to be an annual event, Paula exhibited photographs again at the Bunker Hill Studio Gallery, the studio of a painter, Peyton Petty. Other local artists. A furniture maker, sculptor, and ceramic artists also showed work.

Elephant's Eye Bucks County Artists Studio Tour: Last year we hosted many visitors at our studio on the second annual Elephant's Eye Tour, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization sponsoring tours of the studios of select Bucks County artists. And we are thrilled to be doing it again this year on the weekends of May 15–16, and May 22–23. The other artists include sculptors, painters, print-makers, and ceramic artists. See http:// HYPERLINK "" for details.

Last year on the first morning the Elephant's Eye Tour, a newborn fawn appeared close to our house. It followed us around all day (we became its "herd"). It even strolled on wobbly legs into the house (see the attached PDF if you are receiving this newsletter by email). When a class from a local school that had come to tour our studio was about to leave, the fawn came up and lay down in the middle of the group of young people. Later in the summer we often saw the fawn with its mother; its familiarity with us had, of course, faded. But we treasure this brief, close-up, and rare encounter with the pre-wild stage of a fawn's life.

Book Publishing: Lodima Press

Book publishing kept us extremely busy during much of 2009. In addition to Chicago: Loop/Chicago: Lake, we published two more books in the Portfolios of Brett Weston series (see below).

We published a book by a Canadian photographer, Elaine Ling, Mongolia: Land of the Deer Stone, a book about the nomadic culture of Mongolia. Details are at HYPERLINK ""

Under our other imprint, BackStreetBooks, we published On My Mother's Side by a Chicago photographer, Emily Grimes. With incisive photographs and writing, On My Mother's Side is an insider's view and story about an upscale family on Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Portfolios of Brett Weston—a nineteen-volume series: In 2009 we printed number seven, Fifteen Photographs of Japan, which was published in January, and number eight, Europe, which was published in April. The next books in the series from Weston's portfolios are Oregon and Portraits of My Father, which we expect to print in Belgium, in June.

Lodima Press Portfolio Book Series: In 2009 we did not publish any books in this series. Several new books are, however, in various stages of production. We had originally hoped to publish six books a year in this series, but because of the many other things we are doing, we will be publishing only one or two a year, and we will publish a book by Arno Minkkinen this year.

The Bonsai of Longwood Gardens: In 2000 and 2001 we jointly photographed the bonsai trees at Longwood Gardens. We have long wanted to do a book of this work, which marked our first, and to date, our only photographing collaboration. Though this project has been "in progress" for many years, it is the recent and fortuitous meeting of a fine Japanese book designer and publisher (with whom we will co-publish this book) that has brought the project to the fore with exciting new possibilities.

It will be printed and bound in Japan and will be an oversized book—approximately 14 x 18 inches, and will be produced in three editions:

Ten copies will come with original prints of all 32 photographs in the book and with a binding made by one of Japan's "National Treasures."

One hundred copies will come with one original print from the book.

Five hundred copies will be available without a print.

We will have more information about The Bonsai of Longwood Gardens later this year.

Ocean Variations, This long-delayed new book of Michael's is currently in preparation and will be published in 2010. It consists of four series of photographs of the ocean he made between 1994 and 2006. Included are two triptychs and a quintet—something very new for him. Ocean Variations will be published in an edition of only 550 signed and numbered hardbound copies. The first 50 copies are offered with the purchaser's choice of any photograph in the book at a price substantially less than half of what a print alone sells for. No more than 10 original photographs of any image will be available. To finance the printing of the book, we are making a special pre-publication offer. See full details on page 7 in the addendum, and you can see the photographs at HYPERLINK "" and at HYPERLINK ""

The Art of Lissie Habie: Last March we traveled to Antigua, Guatemala, to visit our good friend and photographer, Mitchell Denburg, and to begin working on a book of his late wife's photographs, prints, collages, sculptures, and constructions. Lissie Habie's beautifully executed works are highly accomplished, complex and empowered with strong psychological underpinnings. Work on this book will continue through 2010.

Other Projects:

Roger Raveel: While we were in Belgium printing the Brett Weston books, a meeting was arranged to introduce us to Belgium's best-known post-war painter and sculptor, Roger Raveel (b. 1921). We were also given a full tour of the Roger Raveel Museum in Macheleen-aan-de-Leie. Although he is almost totally unknown in the United States, Raveel represented Belgium at the Venice and the Sao Paulo Bienniales, and over 30 monographs and many catalogues of his work have been published. He was in the avant-garde in the 1950s when he was sometimes attaching three-dimensional objects to his paintings. This is before Robert Rauschenberg began doing this. Raveel was asked to come to the United States many years ago, but chose to remain in his small hometown of Macheleen-aan-de-Leie, which is mainly why his prodigious work is unknown in the States. We are now trying to help the Roger Raveel Museum arrange a traveling exhibition of Raveel's paintings, drawings, and sculptures here in the USA. At the moment we are looking for an art historian or critic to write an essay for the book/exhibition catalogue that will place Raveel's work in the context of the art being made in the United States in the mid-to-late twentieth century. If you know of someone who might be interested in this project, please let us know. The search has just begun, and could be a landmark opportunity.

Workshops in 2010

Last year we conducted two Vision and Technique Workshops (V&T) at our studio in Bucks County and one in Florida at Daytona Beach, and we received this comment from a participant in one of them:

"Thanks to you both for having me at your wonderful workshop. There are events that occur in one's life that you consider a milestone for growth for who you are or become. I can honestly say that your workshop is one of my milestone events."

And from an earlier year:

"I truly enjoyed your workshop. The experience expanded my perspective and I have not felt this level of excitement since I started in photography. The best workshop of the dozen that I have attended."

Iceland Workshop: We will be conducting a ten-day traveling and photographing workshop in Iceland, from July 9–18. A few spaces remain. Full details are at HYPERLINK ""

This workshop includes the Vision part of our Vision and Technique Workshops. We can virtually guarantee that one's whole approach to looking at the world through a camera and to making photographs in any format will change and that new visual vistas will open to you, whether you are in a particularly beautiful place like Iceland or in your own backyard.

Here is a comment from someone who was already a very accomplished photographer regarding the Vision part of our Vision and Technique Workshop:

"Thank you for making the workshop such an unforgettable experience. I'll likely never look at a photograph or my ground glass the same way again. From reading various posts on the Internet, I figured I knew what Paula was going to do under the darkcloth looking at the ground glass, but she opened up a whole new world during that 30 minute session. I couldn't be more excited!"

This year we were going to conduct only one Vision and Technique Workshop at our studio in Bucks County from May 28–30, but it filled quickly, and due to the demand we agreed to conduct another the following weekend, June 4–6. Two spaces remain in the one from June 4–6.

And we will be conducting four Vision and Technique Workshops overseas: Worcester, United Kingdom: June 11–13. A number of spaces remain. Paris: June 18–20. A number of spaces remain. Gochsheim, Germany: June 25–27. This workshop is filled. Prato, Italy (Near Florence): July 2–4. Only two spaces remain.

Based on the experience of past attendees, we can virtually guarantee a rewarding experience at any of our workshops.

Photographic Paper:

The silver chloride paper we had manufactured as a replacement for Kodak Azo contact printing paper, Lodima Fine Art, was shipped to us at the end of March. After many years of testing and innumerable hurdles we were able to develop a paper that yields prints even more beautiful than the Kodak Azo paper that it replaces. The paper is available through our web site, or give us a call.

Expos and Trade Shows:

Paris Photo: Last year we applied again for a booth at Paris Photo, but after five consecutive years of having a booth, we did not get in. The management team for Paris Photo changed and it appears that the major criterion is how well the "program" of the gallery or publisher fits into the theme of the fair, which is based on each year's "guest country." Last year that country was Iran and we did not have any books that were about Iran. This year the "guest country" is (broadly) Eastern Europe. In 2000, we published Passage: Europe, a beautiful book by Richard Copeland Miller featuring photographs that are mostly from Eastern Europe, but alas, we did not get in this year, either. We will try again in 2011.

Even without a booth last year, we attended Paris Photo, and it was an equally good experience—one that freed us up to see friends and events in Paris that we normally do not have time for. So we will again attend Paris Photo in 2010, November 18–21. It is one of the world's finest and best-attended photography events. We highly recommend that you experience this for yourself if you have not done so.

Society for Photographic Education (SPE): On March 5–6 we had a booth for all of our Lodima Press and BackStreetBooks at the SPE National Conference in Philadelphia.

"Lodima" now encompasses more than Lodima Press. There is Lodima Fine Art Paper (mentioned above), and now Lodima Archival Materials. In 2000, Michael wrote an article for View Camera Magazine titled, "Advances in Archival Mounting and Storage." The article can be read at HYPERLINK "" and is attached as a PDF for those receiving this by email.

The article is mostly an interview with Bill Hollinger, the inventor of MicroChamber™ technology. He invented a mat board called ArtCare™ that actively traps pollutants, thereby protecting photographs and other works on paper far better than conventional 100% acid-free all-rag materials. We became so interested in this material that it has been the only material we have used for our mat boards and storage boxes since we learned about it. ArtCare™ materials are used by the National Archives and the Library of Congress, thus being the choice for archives needing the highest standards.

A friend in Philadelphia was unable to manage this business as he originally hoped, so last year we purchased what was needed to do this ourselves. We moved the computerized mat cutter into one of our studios and have plans to install a guillotine. In the meantime, we have also purchased the equipment needed to cut glass and plexiglass. For those of you doing works on paper, we can now provide all of your mat board and storage box materials. We can also supply Nielsen metal-section frames at competitive prices. Go to

Web sites:


Revision is still underway as we hope to keep improving all three sites. Web sites always seem to require more time than one has.

Our Building Project still continues, but slowly. We have Paula's painting studio fully functioning now, though not totally finished.


As always, we are deeply grateful for your interest in and support of our work. As part of our audience, you complete a vital circle and make a valuable contribution to the creative process and to the making of our art.

Whenever possible during our travels, we hope we can see you for a visit. And do remember that you are always welcome to visit us here at our home/studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

We send you our warmest regards and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010,


Many who receive this newsletter have requested updates on our print prices for their records and for appraisal. This addendum contains those updates and also provides information about our books, exhibition catalogues, portfolios, note cards, posters, and singular video (to be converted to DVD).


Silver Chloride Contact Prints

Now that we are not printing from older negatives (except in a very few instances), prints from these negatives are now editioned. The edition number is different for every image: for some photographs it may be as few as 4 or 5; for others it could be 12, or 17, 26, or 33, or some other "odd" number. Although we did not originally edition our photographs, we have always assigned each print a unique number and have kept exact records of how many prints of each image we have made.

Each year we expect the photographs that fall into the "older" category to change by one year, although that is not rigidly fixed. We may consider certain work "current" for more than two years or we may consider it to be current for only one year. Here are prices as of January 1, 2010.

Current photographs (2004–2009):

Michael: 8 x 20 $3,000. Paula: 8 x 10 $2,000. Color 8 x 10 $2,000. 5 x 7 $1,000. 4 x 5 $1,000.

6 x 6/6 x 7 $750.–$1,500.

Multiple 6 x 6 and 6 x 7 $1,250.–$3,000. Combinations from Chicago: Lake $1,500 each panel

Older photographs (pre-2004):

Michael: 18 x 22 $4,500.–$10,000. Paula: 8 x 10 $2,000.–$5,000.

8 x 20 $3,000.–$10,000. 5 x 7 $1,000.–$3,000.

8 x 10 $2,000.–$10,000. 4 x 5 $1,000.–$2,500.

The price for Michael's 2' x 5' silver print enlargements, made directly from his 8" x 20" negatives is $6,000 except for the two prints from which half the edition has sold. Those are priced at $7,500.

Platinum Prints

Our large platinum prints, made in editions of ten, and two artists' proofs, begin at $15,000 for Paula's prints and $10,000 for Michael's prints.

A gallery is now handling these platinum prints: Gallery 291 in San Francisco. We are proud to be represented by this fine gallery.

Paula's platinum prints are printed on translucent handmade Japanese Taizan paper 23" x 29". Michael's are printed on Arches Platine paper and are one meter wide—15" x 39". To make these prints, our original negatives are scanned at the Salto Platinum Atelier in Belgium, then five enlarged film negatives are made from each scan and are then printed in register with multiple exposures—a lengthy, arduous, expensive process. These platinum prints are as beautiful as any we have ever seen. Each image is limited to an edition of ten, and two artists' proofs.

Please keep in mind that seeing photographs on the Internet is nothing like seeing them "in the flesh," especially with Paula's platinum prints on the thin Taizan paper where the delicacy and luminescence does not translate well, but we hope you can get at least some idea of their quality and appearance.


Chicago: Loop/Chicago: Lake: Our first joint book. Printed in an edition of 1,000 with the first 50 books numbered and available with an original photograph of your choice. See details on page 1 of this newsletter and the enclosed (or electronically attached) flyer. Our pre-publication offer with discount is available only to those receiving this newsletter and until June 8, 2010. If you order through our web site use the code MPCH at the end of the checkout process to get the discount.

Ocean Variations: This announces a pre-publication offer for a Collector's Limited Edition of Ocean Variations, a new book by Michael to be published in 2010 by Lodima Press: 40 pages, hardbound, 9" x 17", 29 reproductions.

Ocean Variations will be published in an edition of only 550 signed and numbered copies. Without a print the pre-publication price is only $95. On publication, the retail price for the signed and numbered book without an original photograph is $135.

Ocean Variations with a print: The first 50 copies are offered with the purchaser's choice of any original photograph in the book at a price less than half of what a single 8" x 20" print sells for. No more than 10 original photographs of any image will be available.

Price list for one of the first 50 copies: $1,250 with your choice of any 8" x 20" photograph in the book, with two following exceptions: $1,500 for either of the two triptychs $2,500 for the quintet

These prices are substantially less than the $3,000 to $5,000 these prints have sold for individually.

Shipping in the USA is $35 for the print and the book, $45 for the triptych or the quintet. Overseas shipping is estimated by country.

You may select your photograph(s) now from the images on the web site, or you may make your selection after you receive the book.

An earlier Lodima Press book, Paula's San Francisco: Twenty Corner Markets and One in the Middle of the Block, a much smaller book, also published in a signed and numbered limited edition of 550 copies, originally sold for $50. It sold out rather quickly and the lowest price for it now on the Internet the last time we looked was $403.50.

We hope you will not want to miss this opportunity to get Ocean Variations at the discounted pre-publication price.

Tuscany: Wandering the Back Roads, Vol. I: Published in 2004, Paula's book of photographs of the countryside and small towns and villages of Tuscany. Essay by the late Robert Sobieszek, Curator of Photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Foreword by Ferenc Máté, author of The Hills of Tuscany, Preface by Michael and Paula. 70 reproductions printed in 600-line screen quadtone. $75. Signed and numbered, slipcased limited edition: $200.

Tuscany: Wandering the Back Roads, Vol. II: Published in 2004, Michael's book of 8x20-inch photographs of the countryside and small towns and villages of Tuscany. 59 reproductions printed in 600-line screen quadtone. $95. Signed and numbered, slipcased limited edition: $250.

Madonnina: Paula's book of photographs of the small shrines to the Madonna that can be found throughout the countryside in Tuscany. Foreword by Steven Maklansky, who was then Assistant Director for Art and Curator of Photographs at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Essay by Giuliana Bianchi Caleri, Italian scholar, Preface by Paula. 50 reproductions printed in 600-line screen quadtone. Signed and numbered, slipcased limited edition: $200.

Landscapes 1975–1979: This award-winning set of books is sold out.

Michael A. Smith: A Visual Journey: Photographs From Twenty-Five Years: Published in 1992, this book accompanied Michael's twenty-five year retrospective exhibition at the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House. Foreword by Marianne Fulton, Essay by John Bratnober. 176 duotone reproductions. $95. Signed and numbered, slipcased limited edition: $250.

Princeton: An exhibition catalogue of Michael's with five reproductions and an essay by Richard Trenner. Published in 1985. Rare; fewer than thirty copies remain. $25.

Natural Connections: Photographs by Paula Chamlee: Published in 1994, a book of Paula's photographs of the natural landscape accompanied by selected writings from her journals with an essay by Estelle Jussim. Printed in Laser Silver-Lit Tones™, 42 tritone reproductions. $75. Signed and numbered, slipcased limited edition: $200.

High Plains Farm: Published in 1996, a book of Paula's photographs and writing about the farm where she grew up on the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle. Foreword by George F. Thompson. 81 duotone reproductions. $75. Signed and numbered, slipcased limited edition: $200.

San Francisco: Twenty Corner Markets and One in the Middle of the Block: Paula's third book, published in 1997. Sold out. ™

The Students of Deep Springs College: Michael's book about the most unusual college in America, published in 2000. Essay by L. Jackson Newell, Afterword by William T. Vollmann, Preface by Michael, 53 reproductions printed in 600-line screen quadtone. $60. Signed and numbered, slipcased limited edition: $200.


A Field in Tuscany: An edition of ten portfolios self-published in 2000 containing eight 8" x 10" photographs archivally mounted and overmatted, and two sheets of deckle edged Arches paper printed letterpress. The portfolio comes in a handmade box covered in heavy linen. P.O.R.

San Francisco: Twenty Corner Markets and One in the Middle of the Block: An edition of three portfolios self-published in 1997 containing twenty-one 8" x 10" photographs archivally mounted and overmatted, and three sheets of deckle edged Arches paper printed letterpress. The portfolio comes in a handmade box covered in heavy Italian linen. P.O.R.

High Plains Farm: A Unique Portfolio: An edition of fifteen portfolios self-published in 1996. Sold out.

PORTFOLIOS: Michael and Paula

The Azo Portfolio: An edition of ten portfolios plus two artists' proofs self-published in 2006 containing a selection of ten photographs, five 8" x 20" contact prints by Michael and five 8" x 10" contact prints by Paula, archivally mounted and overmatted with two sheets of deckle-edged BFK Rives paper printed letterpress. The portfolio comes in a handmade box bound in heavy linen. This portfolio is produced for the purpose of helping finance the continuing production of the new silver chloride paper, Lodima Fine Art. P.O.R.


The Stones of Monteriggioni: A suite of six 8" x 20" photographs archivally mounted and overmatted. Printed in an edition of five. P.O.R.

Eight Landscape Photographs: An edition of twenty portfolios plus two artist's proofs published by Regnis Press in 1983 containing eight 8" x 20" photographs archivally mounted and overmatted, and two sheets of deckle edged Arches paper printed letterpress. The portfolio comes in a handmade box covered in heavy linen. Upon completion of this portfolio, the negatives were retired; no further prints were made from them. P.O.R. Only one remains.

Twelve Photographs 1967–1969: An edition of twenty-five portfolios self-published in 1970, this portfolio contains a representative selection of twelve photographs from this period. The 8" x 10" archivally mounted and overmatted photographs and two sheets of Arches paper printed letterpress come in a custom-made portfolio case covered in heavy linen. P.O.R.


Michael A. Smith: Note Card Set One and Paula Chamlee: Note Card Set One: Two boxed sets of note cards, one set from each of us. Printed in Belgium by Salto in 600-line screen quadtone. Each set has twelve cards and envelopes—three cards each of four photographs of the natural landscape. We chose a fine card stock that is coated on the outside for optimum reproduction and uncoated on the inside for quick-dry, non-smear writing. Both sets are limited to an edition of only 1,000. $19.95 for the first set, and $16.95 for each additional set.


The four High Plains Farm posters are exquisitely printed in 300 line-screen duotone on heavy cover stock and were run through the press an additional and fourth time for extra luster and brilliance. Size: 19" x 26" for three of the posters and 19" x 27" for the fourth (a vertical photograph), $25 each or $75 for all four. A limited edition of signed and numbered posters is also available at $50 each or $150 for all four.


The PBS half-hour documentary film, High Plains Farm: Paula Chamlee, produced by KACV-TV is currently being transferred into DVD. Please inquire if you would like a copy.



The Portfolios of Brett Weston San Francisco Baja California

White Sands Japan

New York Europe

Fifteen Photographs Oregon (2010) Ten Photographs Portraits of My Father (2010)

Lodima Press Portfolio Books:

Home by Nicholas Nixon Flights Through Time by Marilyn Bridges

Solitudes by Carl Chiarenza Stone Churches of Ireland by Paul Caponigro

Common Mementos by George Tice Still by Douglas Mellor

Opera Nuda by Keith Carter The Studios of Pietrasanta by Hans Bol

Heaven/Earth by Linda Connor Close at Hand by Robert Adams

Primal Elegance by Larry Fink Salt Grass by Eric Lindbloom

Planets by Arthur Tress Balanced Equation by Arno Minkkinen (2010)

Other Titles:

Edward Weston: Life Work

Los Crepúsculos de la Imaginación by Alejandro López de Haro R.

Stones and Marks by Peter Elliston

Passage: Europe by Richard Copeland Miller

Crash, Burn, Love: Demolition Derby by Bill Lowenburg

Ticetown by George Tice

Land of the Deer Stone by Elaine Ling

On My Mother's Side by Emily Grimes


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