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August 1975

I thought that all of you who helped me when I was stuck back in Albuquerque might enjoy an update and progress report on my trip.
I apologize that I cannot send each of you an individual letter—but time will not permit.
At the moment I'm on a beach in Southern Oregon and have a few moments while my camera undergoes a very minor repair. Nothing serious.
After leaving Albuquerque on June 20th I began the second half of my Southwest loop. I arrived back in Carmel five weeks later and spent a week seeing, once again, those photographers that I had met my first time there, back in April. Also, photographed again at Point Lobos—this time in the fog instead of the sunshine. There was a large weekend workshop sponsored by the Friends of Photography, on August 1–2–3, which I was invited to teach at. A not unpleasant interlude.

Then a few days of rest and now up the coast to begin the Northwest portion of this journey.
The Southwest yielded hundreds of new negatives. My most favorite spot of all was Bristlcone Pines—Trees 4000 years old—and incredibly beautiful. They were in the White Mountains—11,500 feet up—the east slope of the Sierras. I had one of my two "over 30" negative days there—(the other was at Blue Mesa in Arizona back in early May.) Other spots on the Southwest loop were the Lake Tenaya area of Yosemite and Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah. Other places visited and which yielded negatives were Canyon de Chelley in Arizona, Capitol Reef National Monument in Utah, and Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks—all in Utah.

The Northern California coast I found surprisingly interesting—but the Oregon coast looks as if it will be much different—and I look forward to making many new negatives in the weeks ahead.
My tentative return date has been pushed back to around October 15th—there is just so much to see.
Thank you all, once again, for the help you gave me and for the confidence in me that you have shown by that help.
I shall try to live up to it.
My best to you all,

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