Works on Paper and Collage by Paula Chamlee

In making these paintings and drawings, I am responding to an intuitive and subconscious understanding of how energy moves throughout all living things.

I follow my intuition into a deep place that transcends the intellect. If I am able to keep the thinking quietly in the background, I can make marks that come from a place that even I do not understand.

I trust what I feel deeply ... I follow the visual music in my head.

The way all things in nature move—curving and connecting with one another—has interested me from the beginning of my art-making years, and it continues to be the deepest source of my inspiration. I believe the secret to all of life is encoded in these patterns.

My interest evolves more and more toward ambiguity and mystery. I cannot describe universal feelings or the great mysteries of life, yet I can put expression into a form that comes from a deep place within. One strives " make visible what cannot be seen."— Richard Pousette-Dart

The act of working as an artist is not complete until the works have been given for viewing. They are not given as a need for affirmation, but a need for connection. For me, there is something energizing about that. In presenting the work to an audience, one completes the circle, whether the audience gets something from it or not. It simply should not remain in a closet, unseen and unchallenged.

Works on Paper, 2015
Paula Chamlee

Works on Paper, 2014
Paula Chamlee

Works on Paper, 2013
Paula Chamlee

Works on Paper, 2010 – 2012
Paula Chamlee

Collage, Assemblage, Sculpture
Paula Chamlee