Photography by Michael A. Smith

Prices: All photographs are for sale. Prices on request. Prices begin at $2,000.

Editions: Although, when I began photographing, editioning photographs was almost unknown, I kept a strict record of every print that I sold. At this point in my life, I am no longer printing older negatives. As a result, very few prints, usually just one or two, remain for almost all photographs, except for some, where prints are no longer available. Edition numbers vary based on how many prints were made in the past.

Artist Statement:

My entire career has been involved with understanding and revealing the underlying connections and truths between the specific (the only thing one can photograph), and a universal condition.

Whether I photograph in the natural or the urban landscape, the challenge always is to balance the allure of the subject matter with my own visual concerns and sense of abstraction.

My photographs are really records—records of the interaction between myself and the things recorded. It is my hope that the end result of this interaction—the photograph—will provide an exciting new interaction between itself and the viewer.

I was once asked by a museum to write a statement about what I am attempting to do when I make a photograph. After writing and discarding several paragraphs, I submitted this: " I'm just trying to make the best pictures I can."